Sunday, 18 March 2012

Knitting : a sample garment

Recently I agreed to knit a sample garment for display at LYS Fibre Flurry at the request of the shop owner and here is my progress to date.

I have actually knitted a little more - I've reached the point of approaching the neck divide shape for the "front" but I thought these photographs would show the lovely pattern.
The pattern is Frill Edged Jumper, by Sian Brown and features in the book Rooster Book One.
And uses the lovely to knit yarn: Rooster Almerino dk, mc shade 208 x 11balls and cc shade 202 x 1ball.  There are some delicious shades in this yarn and you'd be spoilt for choice - I'm already seeking a pattern for a little toddler dress/cardi kimono styled to use 4 delicious shades in - just because its SO yummy!
This frill edged jumper comprises a contrast detail to finish and knits quickly to a surprisingly easy lace styled pattern over just 4 rows and makes a pleasant knit because in the main once you've memorised the pattern its just knit knit knit! all waist shaping is done by changing down needle size so no complicated working out of stitch decreases to "upset" the pattern as set!
All yarns and pattern/book can be purchased at the lovely Fibre Flurry shop or online and they currently have for one week a "spring sale" - check website out for details.  Or keep an eye out on the Ravelry group page.

My personal knitting has taken a back seat as I feel obliged to complete this project.  Apart from knitting the continental-knit stripe scarf in garter stitch I have put my other knitting aside but I can report that I've reached the interesting part of about to shape for the front/back yoke on my "killing" jumper!  I can't wait to return to this project, the yarn/wool is so lovely to knit with and the pattern is coming along really well.  its for this, and for the soon to be NEXT OTN'S project the lovely fairisle throw that I concentrated on perfecting my continental knitting with left hand so as to ensure a smooth even tension with two handed colour knitting.  I feel much more confident in this respect and can't wait to get started!

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