Friday, 16 March 2012

A lot of lazing about doing nothing (cats)

not me! obviously! although SOME (dh!) might think a lot of lazing about doing nothing occurs during the day but certainly there is a fair amount of sitting! and knitting!
Me wearing the recent colourscape looking somewhat pie-eyed and shapeless like I have sat around doing nothing all day!  I don't take a very good photo - unfortunately! but never mind ..
Better at the photo lark is our cats! and better at the lazing about all day doing not much is also not in dispute:
Bertie can't deny it!  he has been caught out! napping on the "new" furniture (note how nicely my knit project contrasts with the chocolate brown sofa? note too how this IS so MY colour! look out for knit-report on this ..)

Here you can see Bertie attempting to make himself smaller and invisible - he is so cute you just can't tell him off!  he knows he is in the wrong, how can you chuck him out?

Lilly is a scrap of skin and bones and fur and while she's rather more active usually than her brother, she too likes nothing better than curling up and shutting out the world for a cat-nap .. not so sure that being caught alseep on one of the lads' beds is any the "better" than being caught napping on the furniture BUT she seems to get away with it ..

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