Friday, 16 March 2012

Knitting! and finished at that too!

OK I admit I've got rather more projects currently OTN's than I ought but I have in fact done some finishing too!
Here are some scarves:
More a sort of "neck warmer" to be honest, than a scarf but fun to knit none the less, the shade is actually a pale lilac which doesn't show terribly well in this photo.  Also, the photo suggests that its slightly more "scarf like" in length than it is .. well I like it anyway! if I were to knit another (or someone else where to express interest in knitting for self) I'd recommend 2xballs

Ready to be gifted a lovely stripe scarf knit fron imspiration here ..
I knit this when I ordered two balls of Wendy Merino for something that proved unsuitable in the end and I bought another ball after seeing the lovely scarf project and used this as my "I will absolutely crack learning to knit continentally if it kills me and 360 st very nearly did at first!"
There is nothing nicer - I feel, as a home knitter for leisure/pleasure - than hearing the words "cor! it looks SHOP BOUGHT!" ..
(other than, obviously - "you MADE THAT!?")
but I have to say the presentation does look rather nicer in real life than the photo shows and when no.2.son picked up the rolled ball of "scarf" and said "you MADE THAT! .. it looks SHOP BOUGHT! .." I very nearly ripped the carefully crafted "label" unravelled and wrapped it round HIS NECK! bah! steady now, mum! he added - backing away and thrusting said rolled scarf-gift back at me .. its NICE but I don't WANT it! ..
oh well. nearly. very nearly ..
still.on the plus side! after "knitting" for 360 stitches per row using up three whole balls of yarn later, I can now confirm I am ACE at knitting "continentally" (now all I have to do is crack the PURL!?)

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