Sunday, 18 March 2012

Belated birthday greetings

At the beginning of March our no.1.son turned 19yrs and last week we visited him to celebrate slightly belatedly his birthday with a meal out and a  trip out to his "local" seaside beach resort!
It was lovely to see him again, even though we are due to collect him next week for his month's "holiday" for Easter we wanted to go down to take cards and gifts (money! what else? for an impoverished student?) see him and take him out for a meal.  My brother came along too for the ride as we had a spare seat in our car.
I took along my stripe scarf to knit while travelling down.
During the walk around the seaside my brother "joked" about the chances of my finding or coming across a "wool shop".  He ought have known better!  I promise I had nothing to do with it! entirely coincidental! In fact it was my BROTHER'S free choice as to which direction we walked .. smack into first a large fabric shop! and just around the corner a "wool" shop! hurrah!  I couldn't resist a couple of photographs to add to my blog!!

a smile! as the ££ drop out the envelope?
dh & brother.2 wonder how long till the pub?
no.2.son just wonders how long till go home!
lovely seaside view
dh tries to persuade me to stand on edge for photographic effect ..
looking out over the seafront
brother, dh, no.2.son and me
on the pier at Clacton-on-Sea
first we find a fabric shop
around the corner - a "wool" shop!
we find a pub!
and then we go for a nice meal here.
dh & no.1.son attempt to say the food is fab!!

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