Friday, 16 March 2012

Yarn purchases

I have to confess to buying an awful lot of yarn just lately!
For some reason the photo's in blogger are misbehaving and I daren't risk deleting and uploading again incase it completely gives up the ghost under strain of such large content! suffice it to say here are two of my most recent purchases!
A pair each of Rowan Fine Lace, shade 00926 and 927 purchased after a recent knit-club coffee morning at local John Lewis in which  the current "saturday" Rowan DC tempted us with a choice of free pattern with purchase - I selected the lace shawl but actually have other "plans" for it in a stripe sequence ..
I had occasion to attend the local Hospital and since my appointment was quick ("nothing" apparently "wrong" - sigh mutter mutter mumble .. again .. with me - despite "symptoms" say no more too tedious and boring to bother to say) I shot up off the bed in almost indecent haste at the prospect of having time instead to visit the nearby LYS at which I purchased the scrummy yummy and bright ball of Katia Darling!  quite what I shall do with it I don't know. yet.
I do have to comment on what a difference it makes to the "knitter's" experience when encountering the customer service from some of the different shops selling to the "knitter".
Recently I had occasion to return a set of knitpro dpns after one of them had a slight "fault" which meant it occaisionally "caught" the yarn and snagged - admittedly the owner did accidentally snap said needle while demonstrating that she HAD "found" the snag - BUT she had already flung a new set at me insisting I had a replacement before she had "found" the snag I'd reported - proving that she did believe me and that the customer is "always right" and deserving of having said goods exchanged.
Twice now I have had prompt and FRIENDLY service from online sellers when goods I'd ordered had not turned up - even though in fact it turns out I was at "fault" on one occasion in both instances the FIRST THING each emailed was their assurance that MY satisfaction was uppermost and that sorting out any duplications would be second to my complete satisfaction.
You really can't say more on that level of service can you other than to recommend to fellow knit-pals and continue to buy in future.
By contrast, the "treatment" I received from a large well know dept store with a haby dept housing the Rowan/Coats range was the complete OPPOSITE! to the point where I felt so dissatisfied at the level of customer service afforded to me that I emailed the store to express my "dissatisfaction".
Note I didn't "complain" I merely wished to convey that I felt that the level of service I had on the occasion of my trying to return 2xballs of PRISTINE Rowan yarns at a lesser cost than the two balls of Rowan yarns at a higher cost WITH a till receipt proving I had made the purchase and was frankly made to feel wrong in doing so!
Anyway.  The store Manager clearly didn't "get" what my actual dissatisfaction was and why their shop policy didn't "work" for "knitters" so I shall remember this when next I decide to make a purchase for Rowan yarns and my money will go into someone elses till!!
House of Fraser! you are a complete letdown!! bah. now I've said it! never mind.  I doubt they'll care ..

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