Friday, 1 July 2011

While we wait for the furniture

Lilly claims her seat!

Quickly followed by Bertie!

Lilly CLAIMS to be fast asleep!

this is where the CATS may end up!
I'll be honest its starting to get a bit tedious now!
At first, we didn't "mind" putting up with one remaining armchair and two folding chairs on account of the excitement about the new carpet and the yumminess of the wallpaper etc while we wait for NEW furniture to arrive.
But after a week - its starting to cause problems!
In the first place, the armchair we've elected to keep which is "officially" "mine" is having to be shared which means I have to share! And you know me and "share"! 
The cats, however, don't seem to mind! and as you can see from the photos they are perfectly HAPPY to claim the "best" seats ..
Excess and unnecessary packaging is annoying - I don't like it when I buy food and other stuff and always try where possible to take my own bags and refuse where possible and appropriate "extra" packaging at point of sale.  But this is RIDICULOUS?  I sent no..1.son out to the local branch of Boots to pick up his itchy-cream which we have to order and IN he clomps with a HUGE BOX!  Hurrah! I thought - initially! - HURRAH! he's bought his Mum a huge box of YARN I mean CHOCOLATES? .. no. he's traipsed home lugging a HUGE box filled with brown paper and filler around his SMALL tube of cream.  Also boxed. 
We keep being lectured about our carbon feet and not dumping rubbish? well WHO is going to tell the SHOPS? ..

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