Sunday, 3 July 2011

its CURTAINS! and the pole is cut to size!

Corner showing the walpapers

the pole & finials

closed! the full length curtains
After a full year of working on our lounge, its now very near complete - this weekend we cut the pole to size to fit the new curtains we had made in a triple pinch pleat heading to the floor over our new patio door.  We chose these finials after some deliberation - initially dh was not keen (calling them "glass balls") and wanted some rather plain end caps.  I felt the CRYSTAL glass finials would set off and complement the new ceiling lights .. and luckily for me I mean for HIM, HE backed down, bowed to my better judgement (gave in) and hurrah! I got my way .. but not without some bother.  First, they are discontinued.  Store only had ONE in stock, we had to find another to order and post it, then we discovered a screw missing! fearing we'd had to return the pair, we headed out yesterday back to original store and managed to get a screw from another similar product and thus we could cut our pole!
I'm pleased with the curtains!
First off when you look at the sample wallpaper, curtains, and carpet they oughtn't to "match" but spookily they do! very very well in fact!  I keep opening and closing my curtains which is proving annoying to the family! but its been so long since we've HAD curtains and never such NICE ones!
In the past I've always made them.  But usually I've failed to finish - hems usually! this time I elected to get them made instead and it was worth the money in my opinion and the week or so that we've waited for the finials etc, they've been loosely tied in three positions in their "pleats" and are now behaving nicely and uniformly.  I hope that any slight creasing effect will drop naturally as they wear in and overall the effect of the floral one side of room, passing to the patio/curtains and onto the plain/textured papers is absolutely LOVELY and I LOVE IT!

I think you can see our tv corner? just? we treated ourselves to a nice HD/3D new one, and no.2.son is currently sitting and watching the Mens Finals, Wimbledon slightly cross-eyed with the single pair of specs that comes with the set!  it took us ages to fathom HOW to switch them on, set them up and an hour before we twigged we needed to set the TV! luckily the tennis is going on .. and on .. zzz and on ..
All we need now is for our lovely new furniture to arrive!

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