Sunday, 3 July 2011

Fabulous family celebrations


the food scrummy!

baby Arthur tries not to cry!

the Band played

beautiful setting

enjoying the sunshine

moving inside to be nearer the bar!

Scott, Christine and dh, Les

catching up with family

champagne all round!

something in the sky?

dh nephew, Joe with baby Arthur

dh and sister, Christine

dh and me!

my Birds Nest wrap kept me cool & warm!

enjoying the food

me, Scott, Christine and Les

Yesterday we had an invite to attend a family party to celebrate the occasion of one of dh's bil's 60th birthday at their fishery business which complements their family farm.  A "grown ups" "do" our no.2.son elected to stay home as did my other sil's pair of lads who were working that day.
As you can clearly see from the squillions of photo's! we had a terrific time!  The weather was gorgeous, the hogroast scrummy! the puddings to DIE for! and all round a fabulous time was enjoyed by everyone.  Annoyingly our hosts and the main guest are not caught on camera!  how did we manage NOT to do this?   Martin, my dh's bil, did however enjoy his party and they worked very hard to entertain us - they always do exceptionally good parties/celebrations and are a lovely family. x


Valeri said...

Do like your wrap! Was it easy to make?

SewIknit2 said...

Yes, Val I love it! it was a nice easy pattern in that it is all held nicely on circular needles and "manageable" and the pattern wasn't complicated at all. I'd definitely knit/wear another one. the yarn is very light but surprisingly warm which I wasn't expecting.
Sue x