Sunday, 3 July 2011

SUMMER is here!

red sky view from lounge
at last! SUMMER has arrived!  its been a long time coming, but we've enjoyed some lovely sunny (dry!!) weather and its inspired me to do all sorts!  Firstly : to get back on track and LOSE some weight I've gained! and secondly, to look again more closely at some goals I want to set for my craft.

I find the summer traditionally a difficult time.  Mostly because the children are home (and under my feet) which means also that its an expensive time! they eat/drink more! and most notably, we don't have a "routine"!  I don't "do" terribly well left to own devices, without the routine of getting up "for the children" (thats a laugh, they are rising-16yrs and 18yrs! but I admit I do still get up WITH them and it does ME some good in this) I find I don't achieve as much during the day, and can find it disappears quickly into evening before I've a chance to get a grip on stuff.

By the time summer ENDS! I am usually glad of September and a return to "school/normal routine".  But this year will be different.  This year, our no.1.son will - he gets his grades and is offered a place - be leaving us to attend University - this will leave us a huge gap and a hole in our family life and part of me hopes he goes, gets his place and loves it and hardly misses/thinks of us! and part of me hopes he doesn't! he fails, and stays home! under our feet!  its very hard, isn't it?

I thought I'd look, instead, at setting my goals and concentrate on working what I'd like to explore ahead of Sept with the idea of having something in place to concentrate on ..

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