Saturday, 9 July 2011

The end of an era! no.2.son and his PROM

Cake! to celebrate?

Prom cake

Birthday cake

Greeting the arrivals

no.2.son arrives in uncle's car

the reception

let me out!?

no.2.son arrives at his Prom

my friend in the background

no.2.son chats with friends

excitement before the Prom

no.2.son looks headachey!

catching up with friends

no.2.son waits to go inside

posh arrivals

oversized arrivals!

PINK arrivals!

my friend's no.2.son same yr group as ours
Well its the end of an era!
This week saw our no.2.son enjoy the celebration of their School Prom night at the local Hotel and not just the end of an era for him but for US too! no more school! and some tears from us parents as we shared our children's lovely event we reflected on the years we've known each other and watched our children grow up and become young adults off on their next journey largely independant from us!!

Some of the parents (and children) we've known from pre-school and many we only ever see at functions like this and I expect it will be big changes too for the children as they go their separate ways to different Colleges in the Autumn.  Our son is wavering between his favoured choice of College and that of the popular choice of his friends.

We noticed this year a lot more people arriving in poshed up "family/friends" cars! and indeed we gave our son the choice and approval to book a limo which seems to be the thing they do for these events, with his group of friends but for some reason this didn't happen for this lot.  Maybe its the "credit crunch" taking effect? a bit of 2nd/last one done it all before? In the end I asked my brother who has a posh sporty car would HE drive him the two mins down the road and deliver him!
getting IN is not that easy!

posh red leather interior

Proud owner!

I've done it! I've got IN!

view from the back

attempt to get OUT!
Recently my brother splashed out and bought himself a posh car (PLEASE don't ask what it is, I errm don't exactly know! other than it is small and posh and VERY fast!)
this car at least does have some sort of nod toward seating in the "back".  but you need to be very small. and it has a roof unlike his previous sporty model which was a topless variety.
As you can see I've not done a brilliant job of selling it to you but I'm sure you appreciate how hard it is to get INTO and OUT OF such cars - happily our no.2.son managed it with style!
this set of pics are a few months old, and taken when my brother drove straight round to show off his new car and we all had a "turn" driving round the block and you can see why we asked HIM to do the driving!

It was a long night! dh, my brother and I headed off to the pub for a couple of pints to reflect over the long hard 16yrs so far (!) and compare to the slightly tame and somewhat dodgy "school disco" of our era.  dh reported they didn't even do that in his time! AND he left at 15 going straight into work! how times have changed?  Education seems to last longer these days and our young adults are expected to continue their education ..

Yesterday was my brother's birthday so we combined it with Prom night and no.2.son baked a yummy chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling and topping as a "thank you" and "birthday" cake, and I baked the usual popular Victoria sponge with raspberry jam and fresh cream .. cake! always cake! got to have CAKE ..

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