Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I flung my heart at the Cardiologist - luckily he got it (eventually)!

pink fabric close the ends

My hand made sample label to good use?

view from the back
I knitted this pattern a while ago for the AFA Charity when they were looking for "heart" knits to decorate their stall at a local wool fayre for fund raising and awareness purposes and it was very well received as a novelty so thought I'd knit one for my Cardiologist and flung this version at him yesterday at the end of another appointment.
I flung it - he caught it - I waited - HE enthused for several seconds sounding quite excited at getting a knitty-gift, before ruining the moment by adding : ".. err what IS IT? then .. ? "
errrm .. a HEART .. its a HEART, knitted - of course .. ? (thinks: damn! I bet its nothing like a heart!)
aha .. its a HEART! (he gets it!) he turns it over and starts mentioning hearty stuff like atrias and veins before turning it back, holding it up, and asking: "yours? .. or mine? .. then?"
he doesn't get it.  damn. NOW he thinks I've sent him MY heart.  too late! I've drawn his attention to the LABEL declaring hand made WITH LOVE .. blast.
no. I said. umm. noONES hearts. just err - A heart - knitted - from a pattern .. ?
he looked a bit confused - I thought he'd  "get it", he obviously didn't.  to further confuse matters I chucked a chill pill at him .. have a chill-pill I said? .. not sure he got that either but his reactions are quick - he caught them both without moving his eyes! And then I fled.  (before he no doubt aimed at the bin .. he-hee)

Arielle is knitting up nicely, I've got the back almost finished - its a slow knit because of the size of the needles, but its a satisfying knit and the pattern is interesting enough to keep me going through the tedium of the small needles but easy enough that I can just sit and knit (and watch tv etc) and the pattern is such that I have it written out in "blocks" that are soon ticked off and progress through the pattern is easy to follow.

We were going to visit a new LYS last weekend but what with one thing and another it will be another week but in the meantime I've enjoyed reading another Raveler's account of her recent trip and thinking, now, that maybe I ought to buy this book! (before they all go!).
another book I am looking forward to is the winter Rowan Magazine, 50 which will be a good choice I think/hope based on the previews I've seen ahead of its official release in the shops which I think is any time soon!


marysews said...

OK. The "human" heart was made with love by [name your higher power].

I hope this helps.

SewIknit2 said...

thanks Maer! I wish someone would work out how to FIX it, mind! grr!
how are you?
Sue xx