Sunday, 31 July 2011

its not ALL about celebrating and baking! there has been KNITTING

trial pattern

Staci's pattern
Last week I watched Staci's latest video series on making gloves with special interest in knitting in the round.  I've made plenty of pairs of gloves, fingerless and full fingers - mittens and handwarmers but had not up to now knitted a pair of finger/gloves in the round!
I have an extensive stash of the lovely and now discontinued Rowan Scottish Tweed 4ply and it lends itself perfectly to nice gloves and although I love the pattern I've used in the past, I really wanted to knit these completely in the round and preferably with ML.
SO I started out by getting all excited over the link I found that lead me to the pattern generator for creating gloves!  which I would say is excellent! not least because its free! And the sizes that came out and of it based on my input demonstrate that it "works" but I didn't "get" the instructions in particular with reference to the placement of each finger - quite. in the same way that I do when knitting "fingers" using straight needles, flat.
The top pic shows that the gloves "fit" albeit a little looser than I would choose for another attempt, but if you look carefully you can just see a slight "pulling" where perhaps the stitches are not picked up correctly?  Of course as I often say, a blind man would be happy to see such minor discrepancy! BUT the point is, I want to knit them with confidence and some understanding of the process of the knitting. SO.  I decided to buy Staci's pattern! for the gloves. And you can see from the bottom pic, that I have got on well with those reaching the point where I commence the first finger which according to THESE instructions is the littlest finger - or "pinkie" and as the pattern accompanies the video segments with clickable links, I am going to knit these at the pc this afternoon and hope to SEE what the difference is and end up with a pair of nice GLOVES! hurrah!
I'l let you know how I get on!
I've joined Staci's group on Ravelry too.
Also, knitting wise: news!
As most of you know for some years now I have been suffering (and for as many years my friends have suffered WITH me! ha-ha!) from this - and I joined a group and hurrah! guess what? they are looking very seriously at engaging with knitters to form a sort of knitting group for charity fundraising and raising awareness purposes for the group. SO I mention it, because they have now been persuaded (by me!) to create a profile on Ravelry and would like to ask that fellow Ravelers might consider "friending" her and perhaps, in the future, when things are set up, join their "group"?
I know a lot of people enjoy knitting - and crafting - for charity purposes and often will look for areas to become interested in, if you've fancied knitting "for" a charity and fancy a go, perhaps you'd be generous enough to consider knitting something for "us" in the future?

I've cut and pasted below for those that might not have an account on Ravelry the information on their profile for your future interest:

About me

The Heart Rhythm Charity; Arrhythmia Alliance is a UK registered charity promoting better understanding, diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for individuals with cardiac arrhythmias.
Knitting is a great rehabilitation hobby for people recovering from blackouts or strokes. With this in mind we have recently launched a Knitting Initiative where we are asking groups and individuals to knit and donate a variety of knitted items such as teddy bears, hearts and character dolls to sell at future fairs and fetes to raise vital money for the charity.
If you are interested in knitting on behalf of the Heart Rhythm Charity, please get in touch either through Raveley or email

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