Monday, 30 May 2011

Changes and redecoration

OK so its been almost a full YEAR since we started redecorating our lounge! but as we approach one year I'm happy both with proceedings and with the choices we've made.
We've completely ripped out the entire side wall of brickwork and fireplace and shelving as built, originally, by dh's friend whose house it was and who at the time was a bricklayer.  he did a brilliant job (some heaving and thumping to dismantle it!) but it was very old fashioned and HAD to go!

Its left us with a nice big room and another pal very kindly helped dh to plasterboard it and the ceiling and I'm pleased with the finished result and the new set of ceiling lights on dimmer switch are fab!

We had a new patio door and have completely rearranged the room to bring the tv over to the opposite side and are currently taped out on the floor positions for the new furniture!  we're going for a 3xseater and 2xseater and this is currently on order due end of Juneish time.

Carpet is ordered and due to be fitted mid June and the Italian wallpaper is on order and due any time soon it should all be coming together very quickly and very soon - I can't wait!

Other changes include dh's "retirement" of this year!  At the beginning of the month he turned 65yrs and "retired".  For some 2weeks, 3days.  And has now returned to work on a pt basis of 4 days a week.  Its necessary for financial reasons that he do this in part because he is able having actually GOT a job and also because (touch wood!) he enjoys perfect health!  Our plan was always that I would return to work - at one he tells me, it was even agreed that I would return F/T but I can't say I recall agreeing to that!! Anyway, although I am looking more toward exploring ways of returning to paid work, at the moment I don't feel able to do so and so dh has taken up his new role for this year and possibly a 2nd if its still necessary.

Our house is paid for! we now officially own it as of start of this year!   And after 26yrs here we still feel we're just starting!  Still one more room - dining room - to be completely redecorated and we're going to have to rethink our current living arrangements in view of the changes to the family with our sons now growing up and looking to leave home - Uni etc - its possible I may give up in part my beloved "sewing room".  More on that as we organise our thoughts.


marysews said...

Your living room is totally cool and modern! I son't understand why you would wallpaper it, though; it looks like you've done a stylish "rag rolling" design on the walls - a sort of faux marble effect - that looks very expensive!

SewIknit2 said...

thanks Mary, I was in favour of painting too, but dh claims the walls aren't up to it! we plasterboarded the one long wall from ripping out the old brickwork, and the ceiling, but have put lining paper up on the other walls as prepartion.
Can't wait to finish!
Sue x