Monday, 30 May 2011

And baking ...

What can I say? I've turned into a greedy pig! ok, when you have 2xhungry SKINNY teens in the house they need feeding and baking is something I've been doing a lot of since my redundancy and subsequently more time to spare on such things at home.

Second to crafty stuff I enjoy a large G+T and an even larger slice of cake! and home made is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy and CHEAP too!  Above are the recent bakes, a fresh steamed chocolate sponge topped with melted chocolate sauce and below some fruit scones filled with fresh cream and jam - I don't need to tell you they didn't last!

Our youngest son is doing "cooking" for one of his GCSE's and had a spell of interest in baking which proved rather expensive during last year's classes in which he had to cook and present variations on a theme - I ought to have taken more note at the time BEFORE agreeing that his theme COULD be fresh cream filled cakes & fresh soft fruits! EXPENSIVE both in the purse and on the hips!
In MY day one learned to cook basics like stews and pies and baking limited to bread and fruit cakes .. then again in MY day I learned to cook BASICS like stews, pies and fruit cakes and could when it happened, look after myself nutritionally!

Our eldest son is looking to move away from home to attend Uni in September and I have to admit to some reservations, not least how will he COPE! I'm sure he will, but I worry all the same ..

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