Monday, 30 May 2011

Knitting for CHARITY!

When the Charity group I belong to as a member suffering myself with Atrial Fibrilliation put out a plea to knitters to send in "hearts" to decorate their stand at a woolfair end May, 2011 what could I do other than knit a few and send them in!
I met with Wendy one of the organiser's fundraising officers for a knitterly chat about exciting things to come over the summer and months ahead which I hope will present a useful way in which I and other knitters can combine craft with health to raise awareness of the impact a cardiac arrythmia has on life and much needed funds for their activities and work in this field.

All of my projects are, of course, Ravelled with details of patterns and where to find them - I think my projects page is about up to date now! just!

Good luck to all involved in this Event which is taking place today!

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