Thursday, 28 June 2012

Would you like to see my NUPPS!

Well there's not many people you can say that to!
I'm proud, actually, of my nupps! even though they aren't completely even and not all facing the right way they are getting better! with practice!

This is clue A and two rows of clue B on the lovely mystery shawl KAL that I'm taking part in over the summer.
The yarn is lovely to knit with and the pattern is very easy to follow too.

As well as knitting this shawl, progress is coming along nicely with the strawberry socks!  I've completed the left, and am now decreasing the gusset and working the foot on the right - this is currenly my FAVE sock pattern! I love it!

Last week we fetched our son home from Uni for the summer holiday and as I didn't have anything suitable for car knitting, I CO and knit a dish cloth!

My stripe cardigan is coming along nicely, just started the shaping for the left front slope.

The weather has been atrocious so far! today we had a huge thunder storm and torrential downpour!
Poor Bertie got caught out and left in the garden until I called him in - soaking wet! and VERY cross!

This photo was taken before the downpour! so no laundry spoiled during the shot!

theres a cat in my basket!

Knit-Night tonight - need to bake some rock cakes to take and choose a project easy enough to do while chatting ..
Hope your weather is better your way than ours is!
Happy knitting.


Valeri said...

You are so into knitting these days. Do you ever use your embroidery attachment on your machine? The dishcloth is far too good for dishes BTW!

Val x

SewIknit2 said...

thanks Val, the cloth is brilliant for cleaning - worse though! I use mine for cleaning the BATHROOM! yikes!

strangely, I did use my emb. machs a while back! I have the basic software downloaded to fling designs at my machine, I never upgraded Artista and the pc doesn't like it! boo!
how about you? still embroidering? digitising?