Tuesday, 12 June 2012

some finished knits! Tintaglia and Mice

FINISHED. at last! the Tintaglia shawl!   I like it, don't get me wrong but I didn't enjoy the knitting quite as much as I have other projects.  The border was tedious .. zz .. BUT I love the yarn, and I love the finished shawl!
I struggled with the TINY charts but even magnified, I still would have found them hard to follow, instead I worked from the written instructions.  The actual pattern rows for the body and the border were very EASY to memorise and knit it was just rather a lot of yo's and purling and slipping that did for me!

I bought the yarn and pattern as a "kit" at last years Fibre Flurry off the lovely Jon and the colour is excellent, I'm well pleased with it!

ALSO finished: two lovely little mice!  from the May Day Mice booklet in a recent edition of Simply Knitting magazine.  I don't normally knit for others, particularly novelty knits like these, but when my eldest son requested some knitted things for a friend's 18th birthday in July I couldn't say no!
The patterns are lovely!  Alan Dart writes excellent instructions and his patterns are easy to knit and follow and I managed to knit and assemble one mouse in an evening over two nights of "football" on the tv!  TWO matches per day .. and they want to watch them all! bah!

I've just got to knit a pair of socks now and thats my commitment finished!
The yarnie bits of wool came from a pal who had a clear out and bought a large bag FILLED with balls of "wool" and I was very restrained and picked out a few mousie colours!  It makes my mice nice and "posh" as I'd never had justified buying "good wool" "just" for a novelty/toy!

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