Thursday, 14 June 2012

Rachel's "Strawbs" socks

I'm LOVING this pattern!
I CO and knit the cuff down to the heel flap which I've just started in a couple of days the pattern is so easy and memorable that I found myself knitting just one more round/repeat ... I couldn't put it down!
These are for no.1.son's friend's birthday - she will be 18 in July and requested a "pretty" pattern to accompany the lovely PINK sock yarn she'd picked out - I'm glad I waited and knit the pair of mice before diving in to a lace styled pattern I'd eyed up from my Vogue knitting book of socks because THIS pattern just is so "pretty" its perfect!
I'm confident that I will love the pair I shall knit for myself using the lovely semi-solid RED picked out from the choices that accompany this pattern+yarn combination.

The cuff is lovely and I enjoyed knitting it - its prettier on that lying flat but I couldn't persuade either of my sons to model the sock to highlight the pattern even WITH a promise to crop closely to avoid identification!!  I don't want to stretch it on my great big legs but I did manage to persuade no.1.son to let me slip it on HIS foot for size checking purposes and NO camera in sight! it fits perfectly, I'm knitting size small on 2.5mm circ, ML.

RED is my new fave. colour!  Aside from the sock yarn I purchased, I've had my eye on one or two things in red and yesterday my turned up on his new bike - RED!
I'm afraid I have forgotten what type of bike it is! to me its just a lovely RED posh bike! HUGE and VERY LOUD!
We have waited a good week to see it, the weather has been so wet he's taken to using his car to get to work and yesterday was the first day bright enough for him to come over to show it off.
We didn't know he was coming, but as we sat in the lounge watching the football .. zzzz .. all of a sudden we heard this ROAR!  dh immediately leapt up and rushed to investigate! fearing some sort of heavy vehicle was coming our way he dashed back to say it was DAVID! on his new BIKE!

As well as being very RED its also very LOUD!
You might recall his last bike was written off after a woman turned out of a road and ploughed right into poor David on his way in to work early one morning some months ago - he sustained a broken shoulder and a hip injury and was very poorly for some time so it was good news for him when the claim was settled in his favour and to his advantage recently just in time to order one of these bikes!
(when I find out/remember what it IS I'll edit the post and put the detail in!).

The bike is much bigger in real life! and very LOUD!

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