Sunday, 1 July 2012

Olympic Torch! timed it just right ..

You might be able to see the weather was LOVELY this morning!
Just as well!
The Olmpic torch was coming through the City right at the bottom of our road and I got the family to agree to wander down - just as well we stepped on it - got there with 5mins to spare before the entourage drove past, a quick "change over" just in view and then a gentle sprint past!
You had to be quick!
In truth its over in seconds and the crowd disperses quickly (back to bed!)
This is Birmingham at 7am and the sky was brilliant blue and sunny if fresh, I'm looking a bit bedraggled but squinting because of the sun which these days is a rare thing!

On the knitting side, approaching the end of the foot section on the Strawberry sock, still to pick up on Marlene and no more progress on the stripe cardigan.
Two rows to go to complete clue b for the mystery shawl KAL and then wait for next clue!

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