Monday, 18 June 2012

New knitting OTN

My lovely socks are coming along nicely, I'm waiting now for confirmation of size foot before continuing as these are not for me - the pattern is lovely to knit and I'm enjoying it!

My knit-pal-Sally gave me two lovely books!  I love all the patterns and want to knit several!
I found a lovely pattern - "Nan" - from Jaeger JB31 and have started it using the rooster amerino dk in beige, pink and purple I'd purchased ages ago with another (4ply) pattern in mind ..

The stripe version of the cardigan - "Nan" is the project I've chosen and because I'm not certain how much I'll have left of what colour/s I'm knitting the fronts first and will then reassess.
This is the left front, I've just commenced the increases.  I've had to make the purple the "main" colour with beige no.2 and pink no.3 but I think it will look nice when its knitted - it does look very like the colours in the original design doesn't it?

Elsewhere I'm waiting for the summer shawl KAL to start - this week! and have to swatch ahead to keep up or I shall be starting behind!!

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