Monday, 21 November 2011

A proper SERIOUS chocolate cake : Mud Pie

Mud Pie

This is a serious cake for self confessed and confirmed chocoholics with a VERY sweet tooth only! (or, alternatively, greedy people like me who don't as it happens crave chocolate as such but do enjoy CAKE and PUDDINGS!).
Too much I think for no.2.son who IS a chocoholic and addicted to cake, but I think the richness of all the cream and marshmallows not to MENTION .. shhh! .. the secret ingredient of a large dash or three of Jack Daniels - hic - means I need to get some vanilla icecream to calm it all down.
DH who doesn't normally enthuse was very keen on this!  I think he meant it as a compliment when he muttered that THAT was quite easily as good as chocolate pudding you'd get after a pub meal! .. hmm slightly BETTER I thought!  considering the amount of fresh cream and the JD ..

The recipe came from the current crop of library books I've been enjoying - The Hairy Bikers best loved cook book.   There are several recipes in here that I've made and plan to look to buy this book when I see it on "offer" some time; in the meantime its a loan from the library for me!

Also on loan from the library, another knitty book which although a bit basic has some nice gloves and scarves in it and I do like to read books and find that loaning from the library offers a chance to decide if a book is one you WANT to own/buy and saves costly mistakes particularly if you buy without seeing them first online.

I've got several titles mostly knitting that I'm waiting to come in and will share as I get them.

I'll leave you with a last picture of chocolate cake to DIE for ..


Valeri said...

That looks really scrumptious! I am going to have to make it and blow the diet! xx

Valeri said...

Hmm! I don't have the recipe! Hint, hint! xx

Jan said...

That DOES look as if it's to die for Sue!! Yummo!!! Ü