Monday, 21 November 2011

Flamenca shawl is finished!

Flamenca is finished! You can see it here.
I'm slightly disappointed at the obvious difference in the colour but I suppose thats the downside to using hand-dyed yarns in fact its not as obvious in "real life" but I'm glad the photo has shown it up so I can say it really IS different and not just me being fussy.
If anyone has any tips to minimise this for future projects please do share!  I'm thinking if I were knitting a cardigan I'd be really narked if my fronts were so obviously different, but for this type of accessory it won't be as noticeable.
Now all I need to do is buy a shawl pin!

My knotty gloves are coming along nicely, I've CO and am set to knit the 2nd - or I should say "3rd" since I reknit the first which definitely IS a case of over-fussing - bah! and I'm going to tackle the union jack scarf that I've been trying to avoid - cough - for some weeks .. sigh ..

Tomorrow the local House of Fraser is hosting a knitting demonstration and I have plans to go along and see whats going on and will blog with pics if I take any!

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