Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Knitting Progress

First of all the lovely Flamenca!  what a lovely and super quick easy to knit pattern this is! As you can see I've nearly reached a point of almost finishing and as the stitches are reduced it makes each row that bit quicker to knit and I can't wait to finish not least because I have two more shawls waiting to go OTN's!! 
I'm enjoying both the knitting and the yarn which is slightly sparkly and think the colour is lovely - what do you think?

Next my lovely Knotty gloves! or I should say glovE.  well, I'ive got TWO but as I'm reknitting it I've actually got two right hand gloves!  I'm glad I decided to reknit it; I was desperate I admit to use my "new" 9" sock circ.needle but really needed the 2.5mm for this and reknitting it has given me an improved fit as well as the chance to reduce by 2stitches to ease in the slight "fold" across back of hand that results - we think - from the stitch pattern change from rib/cable to st.st.  I didn't do as was suggested in the end, and what I did do isn't quite "right" but a blind man would be happy to see the flaw in my theory (as my LateMum who was herself half-blind often used to say.  mostly when I was fussing over 1/8" seam .. bah!)

anyway, I'm loving knitting this pattern and having knit it twice already, feel sure that my left hand/second glove will be perfection!!

finished right hand glove, 2nd attempt

The pattern is Knotty and the thread in which the "fold" is discussed can be read here.

here are some more pics showing the glove being knitted in various stages, I used the 9" 2.75mm circ for the first attempt, switched down to 2.5mm's and for the fingers/thumb I used DPN's.


Valeri said...

You are so talented! Socks...gloves! Is there anything you can't knit? Val xx

SewIknit2 said...

lol! thanks Val! I love every aspect of knitting and am trying to cover just about as many techniques as well as patterns - SEW much in it for everyone, I wish you could feel the knitty-love but its not for everyone and I know you've tried xx

Jan said...

LOVE the colour AND the style of the shawl and your gloves scare me silly Sue!!! LOL Not sure I'll ever be able to make them and perhaps thank goodness that the need for full fingered gloves isn't vital here. I'm going to try to get the yarn ready for the ones I'm doing for our KAL this week so will let you know when I do! Congrats on great work well done!
Jan xxx

SewIknit2 said...

lol! I scare myself silly sometimes Jan! never mind the gloves! they are surprisingly EASY to knit once you get stuck in and learn HOW. bit like socks. I think you'll enjoy the seamed fingerless mitts just as much!
Sue x