Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My baking (pastry!) is improving

One of my other interests is baking and cooking generally so its nice that it seems to be quite fashionable at the moment to be talking about cake! and eating it too!  When we visited our no.1.son at his Uni last weekend, I was interested that one of his flatmates was keen to bake "cupcakes" and was happy to talk about this and fling some of the rather fiercely over-red iced and sugared cakes I'd baked for our visit!  Its nice I think to read that young people are cooking and one of the things that dh and I found reassuring was that ALL of our son's flatmates were cooking "proper meals" ie from scratch and not the ready-meals/takeaways ..
It does take a little effort to cook and you have to learn and with experience and practice you do improve which is certainly the case with my PASTRY.  no.2.son remarked recently that my pastry was the best yet when I flung slices of "pie" at them for dinner!  this quiche was actually BETTER than it photographed - I promise!!

Delia Smith's classic quiche lorraine recipe

What I like best of all is that when cooking for yourself you can be flexible with what you make to suit what you can pick up cheaply and last weekend a bag of perfectly nice rhubarb was reduced to 50p and became this! rhubarb crumble! yumm...

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quiltingseagull said...

sew what's the secret to your crust? Do share please