Friday, 25 November 2011

The Killing - funny clip and the jumper!

I missed the original first series, but caught the US version which I watched with no.1.son - but thanks to the ravelry thread about The Killing 2 jumper, I've been alerted to the series just started and found it on catchup tv.  Tried to persuade dh to watch it but he struggled a bit and don't think he's too keen, no.1.son isn't watching it, either, apparently due to the subtitles.
I loved this clip that someone posted - the REAL reason people are watching The Killing!
Anyway the pattern can be got here.
Or you could buy one from here!


Jan said...

Fancy a show being overtaken by the jumpers worn by one of the stars!!! LOL It IS amazing how "we" often see other things in our TV shows isn't it? I often see quilts hanging on walls etc as well. Haven't seen anything at all over here about the Killing Sue but guess it will come here eventually! lol

SewIknit2 said...

I'm hooked on it now! and must confess to loving the knits too and looking out for them!
Sue x