Friday, 25 November 2011

Knitting this weekend, dems, mags and books!

On Tuesday the local HofFraser hosted a knitting demonstration on the shop floor with Erica Pask who was kind enough to share practically all she knows about knitting with tips and techniques and it was lovely way to spend a couple of hours - some of the ladies from the JL knitting club were there too - shhh! not a word now, but I also bought some BOOKS too!
Talking of books, Erica hinted heavily at a very nice book coming out soon for crochet which sounds like one to buy from Jane Crowfoot.
For ages now I've wanted Scarlet and when I saw the selection of Rowan books reduced down to just £2 I had to pick those up too!
Already I've CO for Banshee from Scarlet
As well as books, I've gone mad on magazines too and after reading the chatter about the new mag Knit Now I decided to buy a copy when I saw the last one in local Sainsburys!  Its accessories only, no garments or children's stuff etc but I was attracted by the gloves! (of course!) and also by the set of cable needles which include a teeny one which will be perfect for my current Knotty gloves!!

A bit like buses! they all come at once! this morning my subscription copies of The Knitter and Simply Knitting both arrived - JUST as I was leaving for my appt at the anti-coagulation clinic and I was SO keen to come home I practically robbed the Pharmacist of all his warfarin and snatched it and RAN!! home!! to put my feet up for a quiet read before the FAMILY come home!

While out, I popped into the local Heart Foundation charity shop and saw they had a collection of cones of machine yarn - its acrylic but the colours were nice! I picked one up for doing goodness knows what with! but a bargain for just a £1 for 360m's of 4ply!?

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