Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Knit and Natter - local club

Some of the ladies at knit'n'chat
Well it seems strange to end with where I started .. I mean this is the first chance today to catch up with events over the last week or so and of course it appears on the blog in reverse!  (geographically challenged! you remember.  ignore me. I ramble.)

After all the excitement of the lovely Fibre Flurry event, the following Saturday my knit-pal-Sally and I decided to meet up for one of the twice monthly "knit'n'chat" groups held at local JL coffee shop and run by the local Rowan DC, Helen, who had brought along one or two of the newer knitted samples to show off .. my pal demonstrates one of them here, (sorry, I can't recall the pattern name, the yarn OR which book it comes from!)

demonstrating a sample knit for Rowan
We both admired the lovely beaded scarf worn by one of the regulars and looked with interest at some of the new whirly scarfs being knit (or crocheted) and Sally brought along her new and SIGNED copy of this LOVELY book!
Having actually seen - albeit briefly - this book I can say with confidence that its a book I really fancy buying and not just for the patterns either.  Perhaps for Christmas? ..
(another book I fancy is this lovely book by Kim Hargreaves .. and while we're on the subjects of what I wants I wants this kit too!  after looking at Mooncalf's fabulous scarf and reading her favourable reviews and comments received about it.  somehow I don't think "Santa" is going to be quite sew-generous?)

Sally was wearing once again something new she'd crocheted and I was glad I took my camera along, its nice to see what you look like when wearing stuff isn't it? I think she looks lovely in this!

The excitement ended when we visited nearby House of Fraser and each picked up a bargain bag of yarn, my pal got a bag of 4ply reduced twice over and I was pleased with an assortment of Belle Organicdk Rowan down from £35 to £15.  gloves? I think? more gloves!

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