Monday, 17 October 2011

Not all about baking .. but ! (this post is!)

I know it seems like all I do is eat cake.  come to think of it there has been rather a lot of eating of cake! BUT to be fair I have also been doing some knitting too and will post tomorrow on the finished lacy scarf and another pair of lacy mitts to match from the remaining Rowan Felted Tweed yarn.  AND progress is being made on my stripe jumper - Tender - just rather slowly, but hope to finish 2nd sleeve shortly and tackle the finishing/neck!  I've worn the lovely little lace handwarmer/mitts and love them - just right!

Back to the kitchen.
From the library book I got out, The Hairy Bikers' Best-Loved Recipes I cooked their Roast Pork Belly with apples and sage and Braised Steaks with Gravy - both went down well with dh and no.2.son.  Still adjusting to cooking for 3, its not as easy as you'd imagine but I've managed to freeze some portions.

Last week no.2.son and I enjoyed the last of the Masterclasses from the Great British Bakeoff competition, and this weekend we set about making the seriously chocolately Sachertorte!  yummmm! is all I'm saying.  I confess that my waistband is starting to pinch and I fear that weight is piling on so after this we may hold off further baking of cakes especially as Christmas is now not that far enough way to not do serious damage to weight ahead of the Christmas cake and goodies am planning to frighten the family with! (friends will be thinking "mince pies" + paving slabs! ha-ha!!)

Ok, here we go, a set of photographs from our weekend spent in the kitchen!

onion, apple & sage ahead of the pork
delicious roast pork in cider/gravy
good enough to eat!
but we melted it instead!
apricot jam to seal cake before covering with chocolate
ready for the topping
scummily chocolatey!
no.2.son did the icing! what a great job?
not a slice, more a SLAB of cake - bliss xx

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