Friday, 7 October 2011

A busy week and no.1.son has gone to Uni!

Well I say its been a busy week.
I've tried to keep myself busy.
To avoid the fact that Ive spent most of the week glued to my pc pressing the reload button wondering WHY it wasn't delivering me an email! and switching my on and off and getting EVERYONE to send me a text to prove that it IS working its just that HE is not COMMUNICATING!

Right. I said. with confidence! RIGHT. we WON'T I said, we WON'T be pestering you! we KNOW you've got a lot to sort out and settle in and get used to so we WON'T pester you for information, updates and calls/emails etc .. we'll leave it to YOU to set the pace and we'll respond to YOU .. ok?

up to the point where I've sent him 8 emails, 2 texts and 1 failed call and had 3 arguments with dh over WHO is going to NOT PESTER no.1.son again ..
I practically launched myself out of the moving car under a passing bus in temper after another petty "row" over whether we turned "left" or "straight on" and dh insisted it was the latter and I - LEFT! grr! Not sure who had the biggest shock US or HIM! 
Anyone who has taken their first "child" off to Uni some distance away, and left them there all alone and driven home will know exactly what we are going through ..
So. won't bore you with the details ..

well this is nice!
dh trying to look composed and happy!
hmm .. bit .. boring!
dh trying not to look bored

can we go now?
SIT! we're not GOING YET!

oh well might as well check the football score!
dh resigns himself to SITTING STILL and awaiting instructions!

I really am rubbish at taking photo's I've got about 10 of dh sat on the bed and several of the bathroom/shower and NONE of the lovely building and surroundings of the campus! bah!

the shower!
see? I'm not joking!
no.1.son connecting his laptop

checking the football score?
We took our son to Uni last Sunday and left him after unpacking and sorting him out - its going to be a long time before WE adjust to our son leaving home there is a huge gap already ..

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