Monday, 31 October 2011

Chocolate Pudding, Pies & Mittens

How about that for a mix up!  bit of baking and some knitting! actually I've done a lot of both this last week finishing all in a sudden hurry several things .. hurrah
no.2.son covers with chocolate

steamed choc pudding
Eves pudding!
with a bag of Bramley apples for 0.69p I made an Eve's pudding and apple sauce for the roast pork both recipes came from the previously mentioned Hairy Bikers' library book.
minced beef'n'onion pie
and with my brother coming round for his tea a large beef'n'onion pie! I did pastry top and bottom.

It wasn't all baking! I used my electric hand mixie thingie to make twisted cord! ha! how about that then? for something different?  My cyber-sew-pal-Cheryl put me on to this and I must admit I couldn't see how it would work, and it did take a bit of persuasion to CONvince no.2.son to control the mixer while I took pics ..
no.2.son powers up!
this is what I got
after a bit of settling
this is what I ended up with! I used a doubled length of Linton Tweed's yarn and a week on, its still very twisted (and still hanging about upstairs)

more lacey mitts
I finished another pair of lacey mitts, this is a really lovely pattern and so quick to knit and a surprisingly easy pattern to relax with ..
I shall knit this again and again and again .. xxx


quiltingseagull said...

If you use several lengths of different yarns you will get a very nice effect

SewIknit2 said...

thanks Cheryl, I will try that!
Sue x

Jan said...

Glad it worked for you Sue! Also try the bobbin winder on your machine one day too....same principal as with the mixer. LIKE these mittens? Would they be possible for me to do? Not too difficult?

SewIknit2 said...

good tip about the bobbin winder on machine, I'm certain Debs had a link to that recently? the mitts are lovely and I'd say perhaps not for a first go, but definitely save the pattern as it won't be far from you!
Sue xxx