Friday, 7 October 2011

Domestic Adjustments

minced beef'n'onion pie
The difficulty with preparing meals and shopping for me is that now our no1.son has gone to Uni (read further on for post on that/pics etc) its left ME with the problem of adjusting to catering for 3!
Really no.2.son.16yrs doesn't eat a "full" portion (particularly where vegetables are concerned!) but where dh is confident we'll see a reduction in costs for grocery shopping I'm not convinced it will be that much!
Most recipes tend to serve "4" so I think I'll have to do some portion control and use the freezer a bit more!!  so far dh has gained a few lbs as HE has ended up with extra large portions this week!!
The problem will be for things like the pie above.  it is sized and worked out for "4" where the portions are already in my opinion quite generous but it will be difficult to adjust it down to 3.
If anyone has any helpful tips or suggestions please comment!!

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