Sunday, 9 October 2011

another pair of lacy mitts

OTN's last night: another pair of lacy mitts - ver.3 from the same pattern this time in grey Rowan Scotttish Tweed 4 ply (now discontinued but I've got LOADS! hurrah! loads of mitts!!)
Very very quick and easy this is a satisfying "watch with tv" portable project to have on the go and I've knit as you can see almost to the point of CO and then just the thumb to pick up off waste yarn and complete.
Quite why Kirsty knit the thumbs flat and then seamed, I don't know.  I've got my stitches on waste yarn and will knit in the round ..

We're looking forward to tonight's XFactor to see who the judges eliminate from their final contestants ahead of the public vote from next week - we've got a few early favourites we're watching keenly.
We like AmeliaLilly best, Janet Devlin, Craig Cotton, Sami Brookes, The Risk and Rythmix too. but not decided yet who will vote for!
Enjoyed the Jonathon Ross show, we've never really enjoyed his shows before but this series is pretty good and it made yesterday quite a long night starting with Harry Hill at 7pm - glad he's back! we love this programme!

Still waiting to get a full update and report on life-at-Uni from no.1.son we finally got a short email yesterday advising he'd joined a couple of political societies and the freezer is broken and how to convert gas.5 to electric settings, please? ..
we've sent him texts and emails to advise us on favourable times for us to ring him .. apparently there ARE no favourable times .. in the end I rang him! and managed to drag SOME info from him that they were going on a "tour" to the local town and he'd bought 5 books and spent LOADS of money!! eek ..

I'm going to ring him again today .. I know. I said I wasn't. but, welll .. thats what mums do best? ring and pester their children for their own good!?


makeitsew07 said...

what happened to the pink background ? I am confused.. it was pink just a short time ago..
I got your email and will answer shortly.

SewIknit2 said...

lol! I had a difficulty with the photographs not showing and I went into edit and randomly pressed various buttons - ended up blue (in the face and the air!) and THEN found the answer in help! bah!
normal pink will be resumed shortly!
meantime here's CAKE!! xx