Friday, 21 October 2011

The knitting is done! scarf, mitts and jumper

FINISHED. all in a rush and all in the same week. hurrah and thank goodness for that! just in time for the cold spell that is forecast, my lovely super warm/cosy jumper Tender is FAB! I love it! the photo's are a bit blurry (no.2.son having a funny moment unable to focus!) so I might retake them - ignore the dodgy hair day and no make up !!
I love the colours and think they suit me, the jumper is nice and cosy and if I were to make it again, which I would be tempted! I'd make it a bit longer and knit the smaller size.  I love the jumper though! this will be my winter-knit.  Comment from no.2.son when I canvassed opinion was "wow! did YOU MAKE THAT!? .. it looks PROFESSIONAL!" ha! thats the sort of comment you want! yes?

Tender from Rowan Mag 50
At the same I finished more sets of mitts - the pic of the grey pair was too blurry but essentially is the same as the pair below just in grey!! and the scarf too.

Lacy scarf and mitts from SK mag
buttoned up at the neck

set of mitts & scarf

patterns from SK magazine
I enjoyed knitting the little mitts and eventually got the hang of the scarf pattern which is nice because its designed to be buttoned at the neck so you get the warmth at the neck without all the scarfy bits down the front and you use the lace pattern holes for buttoning it up to suit your preference, I've gone for a tight fit! I like my scarves to be practical and wear to keep out the cold!!

hole in bay window
Still waiting for my curtains to go up at the window in our dining room, dh was persuaded to tackle it ahead of plans to redecorate this room (next year at the earliest due to financial restraints!) and decided in his own wisdom to knock out the ceiling. which we have put up with some few months; this week he ripped out yet more and then set about filling it with planks of wood and a piece of plasterboard before announcing - covered in brick dust - that he'd had enough! bah. 
Possibly it was a mistake to inspect progress and announce "errrmm.. not done very much? thats not much for a whole day! ? WHEN ARE YOU FINISHING??" but apparently it will get finished - soon - ish .. zzzz

Looking forward with some excitement now to going to Fibre Flurry next week with knit-pal-Sally! must remember to take camera! and MONEY - list of people going to be there looks exciting might need to do some serious restraining myself in the financial department!

Next week we're all off to visit no.1.son at Uni!  contact has been limited and sporadic and mostly consists of short emails or texts mainly to do with "how long does it take to defrost a chicken?" follow up phone call confirms FORGOT to take it out of freezer ahead of time and seems to think can defrost in 20mins.  hmm. well a microwave comes in handy - 3 phone calls later and we get a text confirming has not collapsed with food poisoning .. thank goodness!
It will be December before he's able to come "home" and we're all looking forward very much to seeing him again properly and I've already made plans to feed him up on lots of proper food!!

Last night no.2.son and I watched the last programme of Great British Bakeoff which revisited series 1 which we'd not watched and we're already looking forward to it returning again next year!  Might look out and buy the cookery book that accompanies this series I hear that Tesco are doing it for £10.
This weekend sees the last ever - wah! - episode of Spooks! and I'm looking forward to it, but sad that it IS the last ever! having watched it faithfully from the beginning I can't quite believe this is the end - not sure what I want/expect to happen to "Harry" but I hope they don't kill him off.

BACK on the go is the lovely Arielle project which I picked up after finishing Tender and I am resolved to finishing this project and am now well underway knitting the "front" and enjoying the teeny tiny no.12 needles after the bigger ones for Tender!  I'm sure there will be more gloves, too, but apart from that I've no other new projects to report AT THE MOMENT although this could change after the weekend.  Need to go and update my Ravelry projects page!

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