Monday, 2 February 2009

Knitting progress

Quick update on knitting progress:

Seduction Sock on DPN's progressing nicely to the foot section, minor hiccup when I failed to switch from "leg" pattern to "foot" pattern but I think I fudged it okay! and besides, WHO will be looking that closely at my feet?

Plain Sock on 2XCircs also progressing well with foot section approaching the toe decrease but this is on hold now as I have 1 hospital and 2 surgery appts this week and its a handy project for the waiting rooms.

"Martha" is going really well! I'm 2cm's shy of the armhole decreasing section on the back and the cable pattern is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy and knitting up nicely! Of course its not terribly obvious in the shade I'm knitting, but never mind - it will be a useful garment at least!

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Faith said...

Oh the socks sound great, dont forget to post a picture of them when you have finished them. The cats look great and go crazy in the snow just like youngsters dont they. Keep safe and warm indoors, I really hope it doesnt freeze too much. Oh Gingers name has been changed to cerys he will always be called Ginger to me.