Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Fun in the Snow!

Bertie couldn't understand what all the fuss was about - the lads decided today that perhaps they weren't, afterall, too old for fun in the snow and ventured out into the garden for snowball fights. He preferred to sit on the shelf over radiator and watch ..

No.1.son gathered up a huge mound of snow with which to hurl at his brother (IF he can find him!)

However. No.2.son is sneaking up behind him with his own snowball and aims to get there first!

The satisfied smile of getting there first and dunking huge amounts of snow down his brother's neck is evident!

Finally Bertie can't resist and decides to go out to see what is going on!

It wasn't long before they were all back inside, mind!
Snow really is only fully appreciate by the under-tens I feel!

Hope everyone is having fun with the snow and not suffering too badly from it - keep warm and keep upright/safe!

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