Thursday, 5 February 2009

snow! more snow!

Well the heavy snowfall that was predicted yesterday did in fact fall! over night and this morning dh woke early to a blanket of snow and left around 5.45am for work.
Took the pics above around 6am ish - this is the most snow we've had for years!

Decided to keep no.2.son home today as I expected them to close school although it wasn't officially on the list of confirmed closures, the neighbouring borough had a blanket closure and most of the local schools and college were also individually closed. No.1.son insisted, however, on attending (which I think is actually very good of him and I did tell him this!) as he had an important project to hand in for his GCSE's but I was cross with him for heading out WITHOUT A COAT! (for some reason teenagers seem to think is most uncool to wear a coat! or a jumper! they head off in freezing or wet conditions wearing just short sleeved shirt and blazer!).
Anyway, he arrived back home 5mins ago covered in snow and shivering with a red nose and blue fingers having got 3parts of the way TO school trudging through snow to be told by a pile of homeward bound school pals that school IS closed!

I know some overseas folk must think we're slightly weird for how our country just closes down and everyone stays home with a bit of snow, but I'm quite glad the lads are home today! and I'm very pleased that I went for my X-ray yesterday AND that we did the grocery shopping and filled up with petrol last night too. DH also can't understand why we all grind to a halt, and he headed off around 5.45am for work and I expect he'll stay until the evening too. Some might say he's a little foolish (including me!) but as he said, it IS, afterall, just a bit of SNOW!

We're to run out of grit too, apparently, and the roads are hit and miss with more heavy snow predicted in our region today and tomorrow, it could be a long weekend!

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