Saturday, 7 February 2009

My first sock on 2xcircs finished

I finished my first sock knitted on 2xcircular needles last night. Rushed it a bit and think I should have knitted another inch before commencing toe - BUT it fits! (just!). I have smallish feet for my height (size 5 - 5.5 UK) and I can always scrunch my toes! (actually I usually scrunch my toes!!!) and as this was largely an exercise to see if I could knit socks this way, well I don't mind.

Not sure, yet, whether I prefer it. To knitting socks with DPN's. I've certainly enjoyed it and will definitely buy a decent set and try it again, perhaps next time on a more exciting pattern, but I do like in a strange way, my DPN's. The biggest bother for me at the moment, is the gap between the two halves which is quite pronounced, I feel, and running right in the centre is quite noticeable. Of course once they've been worn and washed a few times no doubt this will settle. Plus my technique will no doubt improve over time to reduce this.

Anyway, its a result! and I'm pleased to have done this and might look again at the idea of knitting TWO socks at the same time with renewed confidence.

"Martha" is progressing nicely, I've got to the armhole section having decreased successfully and am approaching the final part of the back and its all looking rather good and the yarn is holding out - I did have fears that I'd be short, but I have more confidence now and thus am relaxing and ENJOYING this knit!

I'd like to look for a more challenging cable project next time.

This is the last snow picture, I promise! (hopefully its also the last of the snow - although more is forecast for tomorrow and beg. of next week). Our garden around 9am on Friday after another snowfall overnight and first thing. School was closed, again, and lads were home once more. They were very good and both worked hard to tidy their room and clear all their homework which leaves us with a weekend to relax in.

I've had a development with my ongoing shoulder problem and initial x-ray shows a funny-placed bone and I have to book an appointment on Monday to have a further scan and am hoping that MAYBE I'll be closer to getting an answer to WHY my shoulder is hurting me so much! and more importantly how can I stop the pain!!

My digestive problems continue to grumble and I'm feeling somewhat fed up of it all now. On Monday, also, I shall chase up an appointment with the Hospital to progress this as they must have had all results by now. It seems to take such a long time to get things moving! and meanwhile I'm in pain & discomfort.

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Jan said...

Like the look of those socks Sue! Was that one of those skeins of yarn that were multicoloured? Amazing how they knit up if it was!! Well done! And the snow picture....beautiful!!!! Just once, just once I would love to see that in reality! LOL
Jan xxx