Friday, 12 December 2008

Our Christmas Gift

DH decided to splash out and buy one of these!
We set it up last night and had it on slideshow which was fun. It comes with a remote control too and can be wall mounted. We've not decided where to site it - yet - but we thought its such a shame we have all these lovely yummy photo's of my yarny crafty things I mean we have lots of family photo's just sitting on the PC and not being properly appreciated and this would be a way to enjoy them.
I'll let you know!

My foot section on sock.2 is coming along nicely after a 15min wait for my physio appointment yesterday morning which reveals I now have a "frozen shoulder"! There doesn't appear to be much in the way of resolving this, but I've come home with a sheet of several exercises to do each day and next week I return for some "mechanical manipulation" (what ever that is! they didn't say!)

My gallbladder, apparently, is filled with "sludge" and small gallstones, what with the pain in the shoulder and the pain in my stomach about the only good thing to come out of this awful unhealthy and painful period is that I've lost 22lbs in weight! I should, of course, be pleased with this! and indeed I am, but considering I've not actually done anything its rather hard to explain how I feel it might all be a mistake, somehow, or at least only temporary and I might possibly find in a fortnight the pain has all gone and I'm fat again! ..

Craft wise, due in most part to the above painful conditions, things have been very slow - I decided that I wouldn't make any cards as I felt the pressure to do so was too much on top of everything else and I'm reading more books now from the library instead!

Currently reading = The Clothes on Their Backs by Linda Grant
Waiting to be read = Moonstone by Wilkie Collins
Waiting to be picked up = Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

I looked to see what knitty-bookclubs were currently reading and found one on Ravelry which I've joined for the January book (must check which of the three I'm SUPPOSED to be reading!!) and picked the remaining two from IKnit.
(yes. I'm right. the book I'm SUPPOSED to be reading is the one I've yet to pick up from the library. oh well. three books isn't that much when I've got all day and it might be a bit more effective at ignoring the pain than the somewhat useless painkilling tablets I'm not now actually taking due to lack of usefulness!)

Yesterday the cats went off to the vets for their annual check up and injections. Lilly is lying about the shelf on the radiator looking all sorry for herself and making us feel guilty with "poorly cat" eyes following us and much sucking in of her skinny ribs to look all pitiful, while Bertie just got his revenge by LEAPING onto my painful middle and thrashing about on top of me last night while I attempted to unfreeze my shoulder sufficiently to move to release the other arm to knock him off all while sucking in my own ribs to avoid screeching with pain and waking up dh who is still suffering with his bad cold and had only just got to sleep!

cough/cold wise, no.2.son is getting better and is back to school as of yesterday, no.1.son doesn't appear to be coming down with it yet and with only one week left of his mock exams and school end of term I'm certain he's going to be the one to ruin Christmas with a bout of seasonal sickness! (my cough/cold is just nothing compared to the shoulder/stomach I'm almost glad to have the additional inconvenience just by way of a relief from the tedium of PAIN through the coughing and sneezing!).

Hoping that 2009 is a better year health wise! already I'm starting to think of exciting New Year Resolutions!


Valeri said...

This is what happened to me! While I was having my lung problem I lost loads of weight - nearly two stone - and then after I was better it all went back on just like that! Not fair!

SewIknit2 said...

lol! of course I'm GLAD you are better, Val, but sorry to hear it all went back ON again after you were better!
I wonder if I should put off any operations until I've gone skeletal and THEN get better/fatter? lol!!
Happy Christmas wishes to you!!
Love, Sue

Nessie's Nonsense said...

Hi Sue

Glad you son is back at school and sorry about your frozen shoulder (not ideal for a crafter!) and gall bladder - you poor thing. Thanks for your comment about the scarves. I fell in love with felting when I was doing my course and would really like to do a lot more of it, I have bought some dyes this week and may try the out over the Christmas period - scary!!

Vanessa x