Saturday, 20 December 2008

Embroidered towels and finished socks!

For my brother (and his partner) a set of towels simply embroidered with their names.
Nice and quick project, I managed this easily yesterday evening.
These are wrapped and ready to deliver when we visit tomorrow afternoon.

I finished my Jaywalker socks a day or so ago, quite pleased with them as it happens! not my favourite pattern but it definitely suits the super yarn and I'm just about to update my ravelry projects page and flickr account in an attempt to be super organised!

This afternoon my youngest brother and my stepfather came round for a pre Christmas get together, we're starting to feel a bit more festive now, although being off work and out of the usual run up to Christmas with colleagues and the meal/drinks out and general rushing about to get everything done, it feels quite different! I'm going to try and get in on Monday to deliver cards and see my colleagues.

My shoulder is giving me masses of bother this last day or two, I think I may have overdone it with the PT and it might have been a mistake in persuading no.2.son to "force" my arm upwards and outwards and backwards in an attempt to "work it in" as I was up this morning around 4am with terrible pains again. To make matters worse, my stomach has been giving me bother with sharpER pains to the left under my ribs than of late, so I didn't dare risk taking any pain killers. Instead I've opened a lovely bottle of red wine and am feeling quite mellow and nearly don't mind about the aches and pains!

All the Christmas gifts are wrapped and with just one bag left to distribute, tomorrow, plus all the groceries and meats are bought, am feeling quite relaxed about it all. The lads broke up on Thursday and dh hopes to finish early afternoon on Christmas Eve. I hope everyone else is enjoying a stressfree time too.

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