Thursday, 4 December 2008

Shopping Treats (non knitty/crafty)

M&S had one of their seasonal 20% sale days today and as one can never have too many M&S undies I decided to trot into town to stock up on the families requirements! Spent far too much on usual things for the lads, dh and myself including a pair of comfy flat shoes .. which led me to visit Clarks .. for MORE shoes! and a pair of little boots!

I'm not sure HOW it happened, but pretty soon I was adding a selection of Clinique facial washes and free gift pack followed swiftly by a gift box set of Estee Lauder's Private Collection perfume and body creme set which is my all time ever ever FAVE perfume of ALL time since about .. ohhhh .. I don't know? 20yrs I suppose. I've tried others, but I just seem to like this one the most. No.2.son commented that its a bit "overwhelming" as a fragrance and muttered "oh no! not THAT one again .."

Well. thats me all spent out!


Jules said...

Squeeeeeeeeeeal! Love all those shoes & goodies! Nice haul!!!:)

Suze said...

Cute Boots! I like Clinique too.