Tuesday, 9 December 2008

its Christmas!!

Well it certainly "feels like Christmas" in our house now!
First off we managed to buy all the kids' gifts bar one last Saturday with the technical assistance of my brother, Martin, who also managed to get his bought too - which - he said - was a first! for us! (not to mention a break with usual tradition ie many large gins in the pub!!)

Next we get the tree and decorations down from the loft. Lilly, above, sits inside the bin liner that housed the tree and watches us carefully.

Not a terribly inspiring photograph, I know, OF the tree! but I promise you it looks a lot more exciting, glittery and not as gappy in real life! (especially in the dark). We wake each morning to find baubles and glittery stuff on the floor - we suspect Bertie!

And then! today! my works' Christmas gift hamper arrived this morning! hurrah! traditionally we receive a hamper as thanks for our commitment to work each year and though steadily each year they have become smaller it is STILL a welcome and gratefully received GIFT to us.

(I'm still using the last two year's worth of hampers to house various things in and actually being a nice small size and useful shape with a lid, THIS one will, I'm sure, be very useful in a crafty storage sort of way!)

Above is the hamper as it arrived and upon opening, below is Bertie inspecting it ..

And finally - the contents!
Happy Christmas to me!!

School has just telephoned to advise that no.2.son is really not feeling at all well and they don't want him in school! (well. I don't want him at home, either!) joke! so I suppose it really IS getting close to Christmas - one sure sign is all the sickness we traditionally get here in our household! Oh well. dh has just the remains of his streaming cold and my nose is a bit prickly and throat a little tickly, perhaps we've time to be ill and then better for Christmas?

No.1.son is in the midst of mock GCSE's and I hope that he can keep fit and healthy for the duration and then we can all collapse as a family and chew on paracetamol!

Is it too early for a festive sherry, do you think? sigh ..

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Nessie's Nonsense said...

Oh dear, I hope he's not too poorly and that your tickly throat doesn't come to anything and your eldest doesn't get something in the middle of his mocks!!

Tree looks lovely by the way - and the cat!!