Thursday, 4 December 2008

Knitting Update

Staying OTN's as it is for the time being, my sock.2.Jaywalker.
I've got three hospital/Dr's appointments next week and the "foot" will be a nice easy to knit project to take along with me just in case I have to do any waiting around!
The last appointment at the Cardiology clinic was terribly efficient (as usual) and they get you IN and OUT very quickly indeed (possibly because they don't actually TALK to you, or rather they don't let ME talk to them!!. the last one was particularly terrifying and I didn't actually want to talk to him, which was just as well, really!!)

Newly OTN's is a left over from my Rowan baby alpaca (tunic, Viv knitted recently) and I'm knitting another pair of gloves from the lovely Noro Designer Mini Knits book as I just love the original pair using the Secret Garden Lite.

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