Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Finished knitting cardigan

My New Year's Resolutions to be more organised with my knitting are working!
I am using a notebook and diligently filling in where I am at when I stop and managing to resist casting on for squillions of projects and its paid off in that I have one cardigan knit! and one half way up the back! hurrah!


I enjoyed knitting Elise which is on 7mm's and it chomped the yarn satisfactorily quickly enough to make me want to stick with knitting, but I prefer a 4ply or dk for knitting with pleasure - even though it does take for ever on tiny needles!

Still OTN's is the sock I am knitting for my son, and recently cast on is the Ripple Cowl that a knit-club-pal gifted me for Christmas present - I am using this as my "continental" knitting project having recently completed Anniken Allis's on line course.
Talking of online courses, I think I have signed for just about every knitting class now!! New is the from the inside out lace class and I have a yarn in mind! more later!

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