Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sewing! a quilt!

As well as knitting there has been SEWING! hurrah! I finally dusted off my sewing machine and sewed a quilt!  I have made it from a free pattern called Delilah and it involves cutting strips of fabric, slicing them and adding strips before trimming and eventually cutting to size.
It measures 36x36" inside the borders, and this is my limit for machine quilting!
I can't say I enjoyed the machining process, it was a lot of fabric to manhandle and my previously frozen shoulder objected to my spending hours at a time on it too!

Anyway, its done and I'm pleased with it!  Thrilled, too, to get my mitred bordered just right - not completely perfect, but good enough!  My long time sew pal who is a quilty expert pointed me in the right direction and I managed the process easily enough!

applying the borders

the blocks pieces together

my fabrics each 0.5m

adding strips to make a block

my lovely corners

I cut all the strips in one go!

before quilting!

After quilting (but before pressing!)

my lovely machine - Bernina Artista 170

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