Thursday, 21 March 2013

A grand day out and some finished knitting and some NEW knitting OTN's

Firstly! Elise is finished! I am so pleased! it was a quick knit on 7mm's and the cable was interesting enough to make it worth while but easy to memorise once I got into the swing of it.  I knit the back and then did  the two fronts at the same time as I was aware I'd occasionally knit the wrong "pattern" and I wanted it at least to match even if I did repeat errors.  which hopefully I didn't! but who is checking/looking!? not me!

Next I finished off Ice Queen! at last, this has been hanging around for ages, I did it as a KAL a while back and I think we all gradually stepped away from this project but its a shame as once I got back into it it knitted up nice and quickly except for the two picot cast off edges!  the bottom one took me solid 2.5hrs to unravel the waste yarn, pick up live stitches and then bead the edge! was it worth it? yes! all in all I'm pleased with it and plan to wear it to the knit group tonight to show it off.

yesterday we visited our son in his uni digs to take him to the dentist to FINALLY (after some 14months and three dentists later!) get his root filling and crown done.  the dentist is in the town centre, so I couldn't resist popping in to Franklins when we realised we were half and hour early for the appointment - the family sat in the "wool corner" looking forlorn and I bobbed about looking for something to buy.  In the end I opted for a ball of sock yarn which my son chose for socks and a clover soft touch crochet hook because finally I have found a pattern I want to crochet AND I have the yarn already - more on that later!  I picked up another cable for the knit pro needles as you can never have enough cables can you?

Tomorrow I am going to the Sewing for Pleasure stitch show at the NEC, its been years since I've been and I am going with one of the knit group pals and can't wait - the last time I went it was a good show so I have high expectations.

The diet is not going well.  We are going to have a determined joint effort and if we don't get our act together will cancel as its too much to spend money on if we are not doing it properly.  the meds I am on are holding me back, the GP agrees that the side effect includes feeling hungry and weight gain but says that the medical benefits out weigh the down side - but its not HIM getting fatter!?

Pictures to follow ..
my brother, David and I

my brother, husband and no.2. no.1 sons

Elise - cocoon yarn

me with husband and brother, no.1.son at the back

no.1.son at his uni digs

sock yarn

me! wearing Ice Queen!

my continental project! ripple cowl

purchases made at Franklins

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