Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Socks, needles and crochet!

First off I am managing to stick to my resolutions for this year to NOT cast on squillions of new projects just because I fancy starting something OR I feel bored with something OTN's and its been hard but I have stuck to my resolve and am pleased with myself.

Update, then, my ripple cowl is still going along slowly but surely - this is the project I cast on with a view to knitting in the continental style with Norwegian purl and its going well if a little slowly.

My socks for no.1.son are finished - he requested another stripe pair and also chose a ball of Regia Jacquard at "his" LYS a branch of Franklins near his Uni digs when we last visited him and as they are self patterning I am knitting a "plain" vanilla sock.
A few weeks ago I made enquiries from Knit'n'Caboodle about the Karbonz range of needles and at the weekend I finally heard from them that they had a pair of 2.5mms and did I still want them?  At £8.50+ postage they are a little pricey BUT I am so pleased with them that I feel its worth the money because this is my usual sock-knitting sized needle and I can report that they are LOVELY to knit with!  Just enough of a satisfying "click" from the tips as you knit, but the stitches are held in place on the needle and not slip-sliding as I feared they might do.

Also new "on the hook" is my first (proper) crochet pattern! 
I have been following Staci's "crochet for knitters" series of videos and though I've had to grapple with the US vs UK abbreviations and terms for crochet, I have just the right yarn to crochet the lovely rugged ripple blanket that is free and accompanies the series - today I am "hooking on" - is that right? one doesn't "cast on" in crochet I'm told, so what does one "do"?  I'm told they "start a project" but that doesn't sound technical enough for me so I am "hooking on" ..
I did my sample to get the techniques right for the stitch and the increases and decreases and the patterns calls for 12+3 so I will work out how many to give me a nice throw over for one of my sofas.

sample to work the stitches and inc/dec's

no.1.son's stripe stocks

no.1.son's vanilla socks

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