Monday, 25 March 2013

A day out - The Sewing for Pleasure show

Had a lovely day out on Friday! I went to the NEC for the Sewing for Pleasure show with a pal from knit-night and met up with my long-time knit-pal-Sally who also attended and we had a great time - despite the weather quite a few people turned up but it was comfortable, we could get to the stalls but enough to make an atmosphere.

To be honest although I am more of a knitter these days than a sewist, I do still like looking at sewing fabrics and notions but since my shoulder froze a few years ago I've not done much so although I enjoyed looking at these I didn't buy anything!

What I did get I was pleased with and it included a lovely shawl pin, some curved knitters needles for sewing up which I was thrilled to get! and a set of "something beady" which we all fell on in the hopes it was the same gadget that another knit-night-pal showed off recently which is a handy tool for transfering the bead onto a stitch with a little hook a little like a crochet (but not!).  Anyway, it isn't. and we each bought a set which cleared the stall holders stash and even he didn't quite know what they were for but for £1.50 we didn't seem to mind!
Put me in mind, briefly, of a trip to a show many years ago with my long time sew pal Ann, who was the rather loud voice of reason in asking LOUDLY "what, then, is the PURPOSE? what do you DO with it, then?" to the tea bag folding demonstrating man who up to that point had crowds surge upon him for the little packs .. the point? aherm. the point ISN'T the point they just .. well .. you can stick them somewhere!? .. on a card, .. maybe .. ?  Ann didn't give up, she said they were pretty, they did give you a couple of mins excitement transforming from a flat sheet of tissue paper into something prettily folded but once folded WHAT DO YOU DO WITH IT.
what you do, I suspect, is get another one and fold that ..

Anyway the crowd melted after they realised that Ann's voice of reason made sense and saved money and the stall holder managed to grit his teeth and carry on but I don't think we were popular.

So. it just shows.  if one person gets all screechy and excitable, it doesn't take long for it to spread and everyone wants it so we've all got tubes of beady something or others ..

I didn't buy yarn. well ok, I bought one hank of mohair from a stall selling lovely yarns but it wasn't that sort of show - it was just a corner on most and a few of the usual like Black Sheep so I didn't get to put my resolve on not buying yarn put to test.  I did, however, get a pair of knit pro cubix needles and a few other bits and pieces - crochet hooks and back issues of magazines etc.

We watched the fashion show and ate our lunch so had a sit down, and were done by 3pm and home just after 4pm so all in all a grand day out!

the only yarn I bought

the snow didn't put us off

show goodies
What you want most in weather like we are having is a good old fashioned hot steamed pudding!  This weekend I made of Delia Smith's treacle sponge and enjoyed a bowl of custard - yumm pudding and knitting!

This morning the lovely ladies at Knit'n'Caboodle sent me a pack of karbonz dpns which I'd put on my wish list a few weeks ago, and what with the cubix needles too I am going to have to strengthen my resolve to NOT casting on a fresh pair of projects just to try them out!!
I promised Julie I'd let her know how I get on with them but I must finish my son's socks first.
Luckily its a quick knit and a familiar pattern, I am already turning the heel on sock.2 and when they are done I shall cast on for the Regia yarn I bought from Franklins.

Lastly! at LAST I am learning to crochet!  I can do useful bits with a crochet hook mostly self taught although a few years ago I did attend a "basic beginners" class but as I've not done anything since, I class myself as a novice but following the lovely Staci of who has done a series of free video's of crochet for knitters, I felt inspired to try out the rugged rippled blanket pattern and have plans to make one as a throw for my sofa.

It took a while to get going, it took even longer to "get" the sequence of dec and inc's and I'm still not completely certain I'm doing it right, but doing it I'm going to!  Here is my sample:

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