Friday, 22 February 2013

Bargains and more knitting!

I think I need to stop buying wool! trouble is its all such good bargains at the moment in the shops! how could I resist?  I've knitted with Cocoon before, and when I saw this in the lovely green colour how could I leave it behind??  well the answer is, I couldn't! and neither, either, could I leave the bag of ten SMC select extra soft merino opera! .. sigh .. (and yes I did get in to trouble with dh for spending ££ on more wool!)

a bit of a hint of sparkle!

Elise knitted in ..

.. the lovely Cocoon!

its not all about the knitting! owl fabric
I CO immediately for a lovely cardigan - Elise and its knitting up fast already I am at the point of shaping for armholes - the one good thing about chunky and big 7mm needles!!

to the relief of dh I did put back the two packs of ten each pure wool dk in attractive blue and pink colours so it could have been worse, but I shall have to do some serious knitting to make it all up!

I knit some more of no.1.son's sock at knit-night this week and am looking forward to joining a new group of knitterly ladies that meet in a LYS monthly - next week to be precise! can't wait!

and of course I shall take my sock in my new sheepy project bag (lets hope there is CAKE!)
I've gone mad on home baked ginger sponge at the moment and this week I have baked it twice already!  luckily its a hit with the family but I shall have to stop or I shall start gaining weight again!

We had snow in the air today, and the forecast is to turn more wintry so I plan to turn the heating up put the kettle on and do some more KNITTING this weekend - next week we celebrate our son's birthday with a meal out.

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