Sunday, 6 May 2012

My Felted Bag

The last week or so I've been busy knitting and have now felted the lovely bag that accompanies the ebook on Fairisle knitting by the lovely Liat of Knit Freedom.
I ran out of yarn so had planned to perhaps use some handles but after careful consideration and much pinning and looking - walking away - coming back - looking - I had to conclude that my cyber-pal-Jan was RIGHT they are not right!
I have to wait now until after the Bank Holiday AND next week is extremely busy what with my trip to Hospital for the colonoscopy and travel down to take no.1.son from his Uni digs to the Dental clinic for his appointment prior to having a root filling with sedation .. sigh .. I could do without all that .. AND to top it all I don't think my medicines are working to my best!
I've had to drop the Iron and the Warfarin temporarily for the colonoscopy, but I've also dropped the ivadbradine too.

Inside my knitted bag

before felting
handles option discounted

after felting

lovely shape and patterning

blocking and drying
My bag is now almost dry and is holding its shape, it has a lot of body to it, but isn't completely rigid, this is my first experience of knitting with a yarn specifically designed to be felted and I put it in a 40deg wash with a towel as per instructions and it came out FELTED! VOILA! .. (thank goodness!)

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