Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Success! Claire Lomas finishes the London Marathon!

SUCCESS and very well deserved too, dh's Niece, Claire Lomas finally crossed the line and officially finished the London Marathon after 3 weeks of intense hard work under the steam of the new rewalk system allowing her to operate her legs into walking - hurrah!
It was this time five years ago in May, 2007 that her life changed but Claire has been so positive and so commited to the idea that she WILL walk and now she's gone and achieved it! (and much more!).
We visited just before she began the Marathon on the occasion of her lovely daughter's first birthday and while she was confident that she'd give it every last go using all her energy and strength and mental commitment she was concerned about whether she'd do it and whether people would support her!
She's had such terrific support! from the sporting communities and others and when it came out that due to a rule change she'd not be awarded an "official" medal for completing the Marathon a call went out by Sir Matthew Pinsent to athletes to donate a medal - and looking at this afternoon's BBC news slot she had a BOX of them on her lap!
Richard Branson has selected her to be awarded the trophy for 2012 to celebrate outstanding bravery and going the extra mile.

Claire has raised over £80,000 which smashes her estimate of some £50,000 for the Spinal Research Charity and money is still coming in which is marvellous!

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